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Going All The Way – The Best Swimwear For Love Island

Ahh, it’s that time of year again. The sun is shining, the outfits are shrinking, and summer is almost upon us. It’s time to revise the urban dictionary for words like, “melt” and “sort” as this year’s latest contestants get set to enter Love Island 2018. It’s time to get your best swimwear ready.

If you are a seasoned pro to the show, you will be wildly anticipating the arrival of the Flack onto our screens in the next couple of weeks. If you’ve yet to sail to the mystical world that is the Love Island Villa – then where have you been all this time!? Get on board and enjoy the totally guilty pleasures filled ride.

Love Island

Love Island – are you ready?

Love Island is the only place in the world that brings numerous randoms together in a tropical version of Big Brother, without the clothes, to see if any of them will hook up. Of course, we all know the answer to that one. With shock twists and surprise announcements along the way, the only thing for certain is the fashion – dress to impress in your best swimwear – and less is definitely more.

From aerobics in a thong, to dates in the hot tub with little more than a strap of lycra to cover your – well – everything… most things in Love Island life happens outdoors. But just what is the Love Island dress code poolside? And if you are going to embark on your own little summer lovin’ this year – what things should you adopt or drop for your hot action in the heat?

Cut Outs for Love:

Crikey, those 2017 contestants loved a cut out, didn’t they? And what’s not to love about showing just that little bit more where it counts? Peep holes – especially around the boob area are great for a little ‘added interest’ for any occasion, pool side or date night.

Strappy Bikini Top and Bottoms

Why not update the look for 2018 with these Strappy Bikini Top and Bottoms from Seven ‘til Midnight?

Make it like Montana:

Whatever you thought of her in the villa, you can’t deny that Montana was a power to be reckoned with.

Black Scoop Plunge Side Swimsuit

If you’re looking to update the epic ‘power woman in swimwear’ style, then look no further than this Black Scoop Plunge Side Swimsuit from Mapale. The high-legged styling and plunging back and sides make it a killer combo for love.

Get Sporty but drop that Thong:

I mean, other than making top quality Love Island TV footage – was there any need for such goings on as those outdoor fitness sessions with girls in thongs?

Sky Blue Prints Zipper Front Swimsuit

Surely, as a fitness instructor, Gabby knew there are some amazingly sporty swimwear styles perfect for bending over and touching your toes in? Like this Sky Blue Prints Zipper Front Swimsuit from Mapale. As Eric Prydz would say, “call on me.”

Monokinis a Must:

She wasn’t around for long but Chyla was one flirty fashionista who certainly made an entrance. Not afraid of a little attention on the Island, her monokinis certainly helped. If you’re looking to turn a few heads this summer, why not try out a monokini yourself.

Strappy Halter Isabella Monokini

Have a look at this Strappy Halter Isabella version from Seven ‘til Midnight. Available in aqua or black, sexy strapping and with O-ring accents, you’ll certainly make an impression.

Top it with Tropical:

Well, Olivia’s brilliant bazongas were as big as her character. She knew just how to flaunt them with outfits to suit pretty much every poolside occasion. Her bronzed skin and super sassy blonde hair perfectly suited olive and natural tones.

Khaki Palm Print Triangle Bikini

If you’re a bronzed goddess like Olivia, take a palm leaf from her book. Try something like this uber sexy Khaki Palm Print Triangle Bikini with matching thong from Mapale.

Ditch Metallic, go Natural:

One look that certainly dated the fashions of the Love Island 2017 gang was the presence of metallic swimwear. But I can’t help thinking that those metallic bikinis looked more like turkeys wrapped for roasting rather than sexy minxes waiting to be seduced? Thank goodness metallics seem to be out of fashion now, as we see more natural textured swimwear growing in popularity. Time to chuck out your tin foil and choose something a little more chic.

Net Insert Cherry Bikini Set

Try this Net Insert Cherry Bikini Set from Mapale instead.

So, whether you’re looking for love or lust this summer, if you’re wanting to make an impression, why not look to yesteryear’s beach babes and update your best swimwear with a little Love Island inspiration? Who knows, you might even find ‘the one’ (perfect swimsuit that is)!

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