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Versailles Maked Ball

The Most Amazing Grand Masked Ball At Versailles

Once a year, around midsummer’s day, you can live like royalty and dance all night at The Grand Masked Ball Versailles. Follow in the footsteps of the 17th/18th century masquerade balls and luxurious parties held by The Sun King, Louis XIV in his Palace of Versailles. Be prepared; when we say “dance all night”, we mean it – the ball starts at 11:30pm and finishes at dawn, plus you’ve got the Night Fountains Show and fireworks from 8:30pm until 11:05pm to get you started! The 2019 ball is on Saturday 22nd June.

Le Grand Bal Masqué du Château de Versailles 2019

The Grand Masked Ball 2019 will be held on 22nd June and the theme will be “La mythologie à Versailles”. Following the success of last years ball when 2500 people attended, the team returns with Art Director and Choreaographer, Hakim Ghorab and DJ Michaël Canitrot. More deatils to follow but here’s the first official teaser video.

Versailles also released their video of the 2018 Ball, which was produced by the same team that will direct, choreograph and DJ the 2019 ball.


Grand Masked Ball Versailles 2018

The Grand Masked Ball is held in the magnificent Château de Versailles Orangerie and gardens with themed, live entertainment and champagne throughout the night. You must wear a quality baroque costume and mask to attend, although the music and entertainment are contemporary with a night club atmosphere. This year’s theme is based on a legend telling a tale of treasure hidden in the Orangery of the Palace of Versailles … Will you find it? Pirates, parrots and mermaids will be there to guide you! As with last year’s ball, the artistic Director and Choreographer will be Hakim Ghorab – who has choreographed Kylie Minoge and Celine Dion among others. What will it be like? Well, before we get onto the practicalities, here’s a couple of introductory videos plus a couple from last year’s ball…

Teaser 1 – Following last year’s success…

Teaser 2 – The Legend…

And the 2018 cast…

Another 2018 Teaser – In addition to the Pirates and their treasure quest, Fables of La Fontaine will also feature. Four characters previewed here in the Royal Opera of the Palace of Versailles.

The 2017 Masked Ball was produced by the same team and was themed on Alice in Wonderland. This was the trailer..

And a couple more videos of the 2017 ball, so you can see what to expect…

You may be wondering how hundeds, if not thousands of people get into an orangerie. Well the Versailles Orangerie has around 1000 orange, lemon and lime trees plus palm trees. In the summer they sit outside and in the winter they are brought indoors, into the orangerie. Its cavernous halls extend under the grounds at the front of the Palace and the 100 or so steps on either side of the orangerie.

Masked Ball Versailles

Entertainment at the Grand Masked Ball in the Orangerie at the Palace of Versailles

Close to the orangerie, in the gardens, is the Ballroom Grove. This is where the party ends – as the sun comes up the next day.


Firstly, there are two balls at Versailles each summer so don’t get mixed up. The Fêtes Galantes is in the Hall of Mirrors and the Grand Masked Ball is in the Orangerie. We’re talking here about The Grand Masked Ball in the Orangerie. You can get more information and book tickets on the Chateau Versailles Grand Masked Ball web page. If you are booking from the UK then the tickets will be posted to you if you book in good time or held for you in the ticket office if you book close to the date. Best to book in good time.

Be very careful to look after your tickets. You will not get in without them. Copies of tickets or booking confirmations will not be accepted. If you read the reviews on Tripadvisor you will see accounts of people travelling from the USA and not getting in because they lost their tickets.

Which ticket

There are 3 levels of ticket available: Simple, VIP and Extravagant – ranging from 98 Euro to 330 Euro per person. The difference relates to the amount of champagne, food, convenience and seating available to you. Food, champagne and other drinks are available to buy separately at the event if you go for the Simple ticket. The ticket website has more details.

Bonus – The Night Fountains Show

The Grand Masked Ball ticket also gives you complimentary access to the Night Fountains Shows on 23 June, but only if you are dressed ready for the ball in Baroque costume and mask. Details of the Night Fountains Show and Fireworks are here. Remember – you do not need to buy a separate ticket for this. Don’t miss this – especially when you’re dressed for the ball!

What to wear

A quality baroque costume and mask – to be worn during the entire ball – is compulsory. You will not get in unless you are wearing these. Most people also wear a wig, but not all.

The ticket website has a tab with “Practical Information” that includes a list of costumiers in France. It is probably best to get your costume sorted before you leave the UK.

Comfortable shoes

The grounds and gardens of Versailles are vast and you will be up all night. You may not leave until 8am the next morning. If you do the Night Fountains Show as well, your evening will start at around 8pm and you will do a lot of walking.  So think about this when choosing which shoes to wear.

Reviewers have suggested to wear comfortable shoes but try to choose ones that match your costume – at least in colour. Your floor length dress will cover your shoes anyway and it will be dark.

Where to stay and for how long

Paris is the number 1 tourist destination in the world and the Palace of Versailles is their 3rd most visited destination with around 6 million visitors a year – so there are no shortage of hotels. You can find hotels within easy walking distance of the Palace of Versailles (and at all prices) but the sooner you book, the more choice you will have.

In addition to the Masked Ball and the Night Fountain Show, there is a lot to see at Versailles. You may want to visit for a few days. Seeing the Palace interior will take you half a day, the gardens at least half a day plus the Grand Trianon, the Petite Trianon and Marie Antoinette’s Village will take a day. So, even if you only go to Versailles and leave out the rest of Paris, you could easily spend 2 or 3 days there. The Palace of Versailles is closed on Mondays but the Park and Gardens are open every day. More practical information is on their website here.

Of course you could stay in Paris and get a train or taxi to Versailles. RER line C arrives at Versailles Château – Rive Gauche train station, only 10 minutes’ walk to the Palace. The Versailles website has more advice on how to get there.

More tips

More tips to follow.

If you have been before and have tips to share then please let us know.

If you’re planning to go this year and have any questions or tips then please let us know.

Maybe we’ll see you there!

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