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What does you lingerie drawer say about you?

Your Lingerie Drawer – What does it say about you?

Unless you’re a lover of nature, a ‘commando in chief’ – you’ll probably have a drawer overflowing with lingerie of one kind or another. Lingerie can be worn to make a statement, boost confidence and seduce, but it can also give a big comforting hug to your most promiscuous parts when we need it. We all have daily drawers, period pants, and date night desirables, but believe it or not, your choice of lingerie has a lot to say about you. So, what is your lingerie style and what does your lingerie drawer say about you?

The Comforter

Your drawer is more ‘mix and match’ than ‘match.com’ – comfort is your number one aim. After all, pants are for purpose not promiscuity. Fashion is all fine and well, but there are more serious things to worry about in life than bra and knicker sets. You are more bothered with what goes on outside the bedroom than in between the sheets. Sure, you get your fun when you can, but seriously that’s not what it is all about, is it?

The Lady

A drawer of feminine frills and luscious lace, with lingerie to emphasise your natural beauty and feminine form. You have an ethereal sex appeal, where sweet and sultry sits perfectly with sexy and salacious. You’re more interested in classic pieces of lingerie, but aren’t afraid of sexing it up when you want to. You exude feminine charm, which people find irresistible, and you’re not afraid to use it (although you might not admit it).

Women in various lingerie

The Tomboy

No frills in this drawer, your undies are fit for purpose, whether in the office or down the gym. You’re not into prissy stuff, but you do like good lingerie, especially shapewear. Cosmetics and makeup aren’t your number one priority, but do you do like to take care of yourself. You’re just not the type of person who cares much about what others have to say, you’d rather find your own path than stick to the norm.

The Player

A drawer of all things strappy. Comfort and practicality isn’t at the forefront of your mind when it comes to lingerie – after-all, you never know when you need to look your best under your clothes. Stockings and suspenders are not strangers to your wears, they are a weapon to tease after all. You’re an outgoing character, lover of games and a good old bit of flirting. Most of all, you like to take charge, and you love the power that lingerie can wield over your chosen fling, whether it be a peeping bra, or a flash of suspender.

The Fetishist

Your lingerie drawer shows your true self, fanciful, erotic and indulgent. You’re a daring, sensual character who isn’t afraid to explore your fantasies and desires. You can go from shy to shocking in a heartbeat, and stop hearts beating at the same time. You’re bold and fearless in the bedroom, but can hide that all away when you need to. Nothing can stop you.

What does your lingerie drawer say about you?


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