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What’s The Best Lingerie To Wear Under Leggings?

Lingerie forms the basis of any properly assembled outfit, and is responsible for creating the desired curves and shaping you underneath your outfit of choice. Usually bras are the main focus that a woman has when putting together an outfit, however your choice of knickers can also have a big impact on what you wear, especially if you choose to wear something tight and revealing over them, such as leggings.

Most women nowadays will own a pair of leggings. Whether you wear them for going out, to the gym or as comfortable lounge-wear, it’s important that you know what to wear underneath them. If you’re stumped about what the perfect choice of underwear is to make your leggings look as flattering as possible, then we’re here to help.

Avoiding VPL

Visible panty line, or VPL, is a burden on many women and can make or break an outfit. It’s an especially pressing issue when wearing tight-fitting clothes, which is why some women choose to go without underwear on certain occasions if they’re wearing tight dresses and skirts. However, not wearing underwear can be uncomfortable to some women, which is why finding a way to solve this issue with underwear is so important.

Image of woman wearing sports leggings

If you don’t want to have to change your underwear then choosing your leggings wisely can mean you don’t have to worry about VPL. Thin leggings can be particularly flattering but this is a quick way to show off what underwear you’re wearing. Not only does the thinner material mean the seams of your underwear are visible, but thinner leggings can also be slightly see-through, meaning you could be revealing a little more than you’d like. . . Choosing thick leggings or ones made from textured materials, or with patterns, will help mask lumps and bumps, both your own and those caused by underwear.

Wear tights instead

Wearing tights or control underwear in the form of shorts, instead of your usual underwear, is a fail-safe way to make sure you look smooth and line free in your leggings. It’s also the perfect way to ensure an extra layer of warmth in colder weather.

The best choice for leggings

Image of woman wearing sports leggings

Wearing knickers that are ill-fitting, that have elastic that cuts in to you, or are shaped in a way that cuts in to your hips or across your posterior are quick ways to make your shape look unflattering underneath a pair of leggings. Similarly, you’ll want to avoid lace fabrics under plain leggings, as the texture and outline of the lace will show. If you’re really concerned about having VPL then you may want to consider investing in a pair of seamless knickers, which are usually made from one piece of fabric. They provide protection for your delicate areas without showing that you’re wearing anything at all.

If, however, you would prefer to use underwear you already own, then look to the professional stylists. These fashion experts use thongs and g-strings exclusively, as they use little fabric, which means they’re much less likely to present any VPL. For leggings that have mesh panels at the side, you could try tanga briefs which have narrow strings attaching the front at the back, minimising the visibility. If these styles of underwear aren’t really your thing you could always opt for boy-shorts. Boy shorts lie underneath the butt cheek, meaning they don’t dissect it with unforgiving knicker elastic. The thinner the material of these knickers, the less likely you are to have any tell-tale underwear signs.

However, whatever lingerie you wear, making sure you feel comfortable is the most important thing. What underwear do you think is best underneath your leggings? Let us know in the comments section.

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