Size Guides

We offer a range of beautiful lingerie from all over the world.  As sizes can vary, our size charts have been created to make choosing the best size easier.

Where size charts are supplied by the manufacturers of a garment, these are given at the bottom of the page for each item.  Please compare the bust, waist and hip measurements to choose the best size for you.  This will give a better idea of the correct size than the UK sizes 10, 12 etc.  
Remember, if your cup size is larger than the recommended cup size given in the size chart, we recommend you choose the larger size.
Some ‘One Size’ items give only the estimate weight of the person it is designed to fit.

Some items are stretchy, but this is usually for comfort whilst wearing the garment rather than to fit a larger size.

Of course you are very welcome to buy more than one size and try them on, and return items which don’t fit for an exchange or a full refund.

Please remember we are always happy to help with sizing advice, or measure a garment if you wish – please email or call us on 01829 730 267 Monday to Friday 9:30am to 5pm and we will be happy to help.

We sell items from several manufacturers who each supply their own size guides.

  • Please check the item description for the size chart or size information relating to the item and look carefully at the dimensions given in the size charts.
  • All numbered sizes quoted on this website are UK numbered sizes.
  • If you are in between sizes on the size charts then we recommend buying the larger size.
  • Above all, please remember that we are here to help you. If you are not sure or if you need help with measurements or you would like us to measure an item for you then please ask.
  • Our item descriptions tell you what sizes are available. Please do not order an item in one size and ask for another size when you pay. We may not have the other size available and we do not want you to be disappointed.
  • Please be aware that sizes vary even between high street stores and “vanity” sizing is becoming more prevalent. International named sizes vary from country to country so please check the dimensions we provide in the item descriptions and please do not be put off or offended if the size you need is named larger or smaller than you are used to.
  • We sell a lot of very sexy costumes, dresses, lingerie, etc. Many are very short or revealing. Some of our shorter costumes may be worn with petticoats or frilly knickers and these will help preserve your modesty. We suggest matching items such as these on the same page as the costume.


We have adopted a “Cheeky Rating” to help indicate just how “cheeky” a costume is. Our Cheeky Rating works like this:

 not very cheeky at all – you can wear this to your Grandma’s birthday party!
 short and sexy - your modesty is preserved!
 pretty short but not necessarily revealing - your mother wouldn’t like it!
 very short and draughty – be alert for people scattering coins on the floor!
 exceedingly cheeky - all will be revealed – what a brave girl you are!


Finally, a few words on comfort.

Some costumes are designed to look good, some are designed to look sexy and some are designed to make you look drop dead gorgeous. They are not necessarily designed for comfort although most, particularly the higher cost ones, are comfortable to wear. This goes for shoes, wigs and accessories too. Remember, sometimes we have to suffer to look good! It's all part of the fun.